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Traveling, be it for business or tourism purposes, is always an exciting and memorable experience. But, a trip to a foreign land can be pretty heavy on your pocket as well. From hotels and food to airline tickets, everything seems quite expensive, especially if you’re traveling to a famous and sought-after destination.

And, with tons of possible expenses on their trip, it’s no wonder most travelers avoid travel insurance. But, the thing is, traveling without insurance has plenty of risks, and may turn out to be more expensive. Luckily for you, we’ve got a lot of solutions and tricks to help you save money on your travel insurance.

Heading off on a mind-blowing, extraordinary adventure, but traveling on a tight budget? Use these simple travel hacks to find an affordable insurance policy that appeases all your coverage needs. 

1. Avoid “opting-in” on booking websites

While it’s tempting and looks fairly easy, you should skip the “travel insurance” checkbox on booking websites like Expedia or Orbitz. Trust me, it can, in a variety of ways, cost you more, as compared to buying travel insurance from a trustworthy provider like World Nomads. For one, you won’t have the chance to read the policy details thoroughly because you’re focused on something else. Furthermore, the language used to sell the travel insurance policy will not fully explain everything.

And, did we mention that some add hefty commissions on top of the travel insurance policies they sell?

2. Shop online

The best deals for travel insurance are usually found on the internet. As you browse online, you’ll get a wider selection of insurance policies online. In addition, most insurance providers like World Nomads offer 10 to 20 percent discounts if you apply online because it helps keep their costs down.

3. Combine and save

Traveling with a friend or family member? Why not join forces and purchase combined cover under one policy? That way, you’ll save a ton of money for your travel insurance. As long as both of you are happy with the coverage the policy provides, this surely is a great option to save money on your travel insurance.

4. Annual policy or a single trip cover?

Planning on traveling abroad more than twice a year? Then, opt for an annual multi-trip policy instead of buying single trip policies. Of course, a single trip insurance policy is cheaper if you plan on making one or a couple of international trips in a 12-month period.

5. Unless you totally need it, avoid the “cancel for any reason” option

A lot of travelers buy “cancel for any reason” just because they don’t understand the coverage for trip cancellation in their insurance policy. The truth is, “cancel for any reason” is an option for upgrade, meaning it increases the overall price of your travel insurance policy. As a matter of fact, it may increase the costs of your policy by as much as 40 percent.

The main purpose of this upgrade is to allow insured travelers to cancel their trip without any explanation for 50 to 100 percent of the costs of their insured trip.

The covered reasons for this upgrade provide coverage for numerous cancellation reasons, including hurricanes, job loss, traffic accidents, terrorism, and a whole lot more. We only recommend “cancel for any reason” if someone has a unique concern that they know isn’t covered by an ordinary “Trip Cancellation” policy. 

6. Get an EHIC card if you’re traveling to Europe

Not only is it free, but it may also help reduce the overall cost of your travel insurance policy. Moreover, it entitles you to medical treatment in all EEA (European Economic Area) counties in a medical emergency. Keep in mind, though, that your EHIC card is a supplement to your travel insurance policy, and not its replacement.

7. Use your credit card travel insurance

You, as a cardholder, may be entitled to a certain level of travel insurance cover if you pay for your trip using your credit card. But, be a little careful since it’s highly unlikely to have sufficient cover. Nevertheless, you can always use it as a supplement to your travel insurance policy. Plus, it can also help reduce the overall cost of your travel insurance policy.

8. Cut extra costs by paying only for the benefits you need

Travel insurance covers a wide array of benefits for the traveler, including financial rescue for sudden medical expenses. Not to mention, it provides protection against interruption during emergency situations and trip cancellation. The other benefits offered by insurance companies also include deportation, legal costs, personal liability, delay in travel and more. A travel insurance policy lets you choose from a mishmash of services. So, travelers can pay for only the services and benefits they need, to reduce their cost.

9. Compare costs

Like any commodity or service, it’s absolutely unwise to buy a travel insurance policy without comparing it with other policies. With so many info available online, you may compare the prices as well as the perks offered by a ton of policies. Then, you can choose the best and most cost-effective travel insurance plan.

10. Check your car insurance

Travel insurance plans often include car rental coverage as one of their optional upgrades. But, let’s be real – it’s quite unlikely that you need it, even if you’re renting a car. Remember, car insurance companies usually cover the rental cars of their members with the same coverage they have back home.

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